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Kinder+Sport is a responsible global project developed by Ferrero aimed at supporting physical activity and bringing the joy of moving to younger generations.

It is one of the main initiatives of Ferrero's Social Responsibility, designed to contribute to the growth, socialization, education of younger generations.
  • Growing up - sport plays a vital role in a child’s education both in terms of physical and emotional development.
  • Socialization - as sport enables children to learn to live and play in social group settings.
  • Education - as participation in sport and active games aids learning of key values including honesty, unity, respect, self-confidence.
Kinder+Sport has a concrete objective: move as many children as possible all over the world. Furthermore, the project has an educational and responsible footprint: Kinder+Sport believes that active children are more likely to grow into active adults.

As to date, Ferrero Group invested 8.9 million Euros in Kinder+Sport worldwide. 15 million boys and girls contacted through activity; 2.25 million kids moved; more than 18 sports practiced; more than 700 events participated in.

Kinder+Sport, it’s time to move kids together and to embrace the Joy of Moving.