Kinder Joy

Kinder Joy

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Made of milky cocoa cream with crispy chocolate-wafer balls, 100% European milk origin*, it's delicious in every bite with amazing toys included to surprise kids.

With the "Applaydu" app, you can also experience AR with your kids for free and bring the toys to life.

*The milk origin of this product refers to milk products such as skimmed milk powder and whey protein powder, the total added quantity is 20%, milk products come from Europe.


Sugar, vegetable oils, skimmed milk powder, low-fat cocoa powder 4%, wheat flour, wheat starch, dried malt extract (barley, malt), lecithin, whey protein powder, food flavoring and flavoring substance, ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, salt. Milk products: 20%

Allergen information: contains milk products, gluten, soy.

Nutritional Info

Amount Serving (20g) NRV%
Energy kJ 456 5%
Protein (g) 1.6 3%
Fat (g) 6.4 11%
Carbohydrate (g) 11.3 4%
Sodium (mg) 25 1%