Kinder Tronky

Kinder Tronky

 Kinder Tronky is a filled wafer biscuit that specially designed for Chinese young people. Made in Italy. Individual pack only weight 18g that is easy for carrying. Kinder Tronky has multiple textures that brings rich mouth-feel. There is the crispy cocoa wafer outside and smooth milk jam with biscuit crumbles inside. Pure delicious and long lasting after taste.


Skimmed milk powder, Sugar, Vegetable oil, Wheat flour, Milk chocolate 15%,Butter, Low fat cocoa powder, Hazelnuts, Wheat starch, Lecithins, Salt, Cream powder, Whey powder, Sodium bicarbonate, Ammonium carbonate, Flavouring substance, Ammonium bicarbonate.
Total milk products: 26.5

Allergen information: gluten, soy,
milk products and hazelnuts


Typical values Item/Per serving (18g) NRV%
Energy kJ 389 5%
Protein (g) 1.9 3%
Fat (g) 4.9 8%
Carbohydrate (g) 10.2 3%
Sodium (mg) 36 2%