Ferrero China

About Ferrero China

Since Ferrero Group’s most renowned brand - Ferrero Rocher® - entered the China market in the 1980s, Ferrero has gradually gained recognition and huge popularity among Chinese consumers. In 2007, Ferrero China was officially founded, and the company further increased its investment in China, bringing many world-renowned brands and products to Chinese consumers. In 2009, Ferrero introduced the corporate social responsibility programme “Kinder Joy of Moving” into the China market, spreading the joy of moving to China’s young generation. In 2015, Ferrero’s 1st China manufacturing plant was established and put into operation in Hangzhou. The plant plays a pivotal role in providing innovative confectionery products with ever-improving freshness to the local Chinese market as well as Asian market. Now, Ferrero has successfully established a leading role in China’s chocolate and confectionery industry and has gained abundant brand popularity.